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Two Lawsuits Filed over Crashes Involving Trucks

A woman has filed a lawsuit against a truck driver over the injuries she suffered in an automobile collision.

Ms. Nan Gregg is suing John Dunbar (D/B/A Dunbar Trucking) in her recently filed complaint. The suit was filed on 15th May in Jefferson County Dist. Court. The plaintiff cites gross negligence and negligence.

According to the suit, Gregg was travelling toward south in the outer lane of the FM 366 when defendant John Dunbar was traveling in inside lane to her side. John Dunbar was driving his truck as a Dunbar Trucking employee, the suit states. He made an illegal right turn to slam into the vehicle driven by Nan Gregg, the complaint says.

Ms. Gregg sustained severe injuries in the accident to her back, neck, body, jaw and legs, the lawsuit states.

In her compliant Nan Gregg is asking for damages of more than the jurisdictional minimum, in addition to pre-judgement and post-judgement interest. She is seeking court costs and any other relief to which she could be legally entitled.

A Beaumont (TX) attorney is representing Ms. Nan Gregg in her legal battle.

In another issue, a utility firm is suing Coca-Cola Refreshment USA Incorporated over allegations that a truck driver damages a pole.

Commonwealth Edison Company has filed a suit on 6th June in the circuit court of Cook County. The lawsuit names Coca-Cola Refreshment and Mr. William Mentink as defendants. The complaint cites property damage.

The suit states that Mentink, an employee of Coca-Cola Refreshment, was driving a company truck as it collided with the overhead wires at Burbank, causing one of the ComEd utility poles to fall after breaking at the base. As Mentink was in Coca-Cola’s employment, the company is legally responsible for the damage, the plaintiff claims.

ComEd is accusing the defendants of negligence. It is asking for in excess of $48000 in compensatory damages. A Chicago (IL) attorney is representing ComEd in this case.

According to traffic experts, trucks are liable for nearly 4500 deaths every year in the nation. Accidents involving trucks also cause substantial losses in property, productivity and results in severe or deadly personal injuries. A recently published research report says trucks accounts for just 8 percent of the highway traffic in the United States, still are involved in at least 11 percent of deadly road accidents. Many of these accidents are caused by negligent drivers and excessive speed.

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