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Tractor Trailer Crashes Into Florida School Bus

Students from the Pasco County Florida school district narrowly avoided serious injury this week when a tractor trailer drove directly into the center of their bus in an attempt to cross an intersection. Though none of the students were injured, the incident frightened those who viewed the video, and spurred calls for the driver to lose his driver’s license. The bus driver’s assistant who was riding on the bus did require medical treatment after the crash

The incident occurred during the late afternoon on Tuesday,  when the truck driver, David dunlop II of Stetson, Maine, apparently became impatient with the driver of the vehicle that was in front of him at a light at an intersection. Rather than waiting for traffic to clear and for the car to make the left turn, the truck driver went around the vehicle, cutting it off and crossing traffic directly into the center of the Pasco County school bus, which was transporting students.

Drivers who observed the truck driver’s actions were outraged, saying, “He should definitely lose his license, especially his CDL license. He should know better. What is that important to put somebody else’s life at risk that you’re hauling in a truck? I mean, I know it’s your job, but stuff like that – stuff like that could have been deadly.”

A former bus driver who viewed video of the accident said that he frequently witnessed truck drivers risking injuries to other drivers. “Most of these accidents are just either people impatient or not paying attention. Obviously, he was just being impatient.

The commercial truck drivers who operate tractor trailers are required to go through extensive training because of the extreme risk that they pose to other drivers on the road. They are held to a higher standard of driving skill. When these drivers do not conduct themselves responsibly, horrific accidents can occur and lives can be lost. In the case of the Pasco County school bus, it is fortunate that only one person was injured, and that those injuries were minor: other instances of truck driver impatience or recklessness have ended tragically.

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