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Tennessee Truck Crash Leads to Evacuations

Some residents of Rutherford County, Tennessee had to be evacuated from their homes recently while others were asked to shelter in place as a result of a truck crash accident that occurred on a local road. A commercial semi-truck carrying swimming pool cleaning supplies, including chlorine tablets, crashed into another truck. The crash led to the semi catching fire on the side of the highway and releasing a toxic plume of smoke that – if inhaled – could be a danger to human health.

According to local news media, the accident took place at approximately 3:00 in the morning. The vehicle carrying the pool chemicals overturned on Interstate 24 after the accident, leading to it bursting into flame. Officials attempted to put out the fire using water, and this created a toxic cloud of chlorine gas that had the potential to affect the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Though schools in the area were not closed, the emergency management personnel and Rutherford County sheriff’s office closed all bus routes in the affected areas.  According to the school district, “Bus routes will not run at this time in those areas affected by the sheltering procedures, and as such, students should not be left at bus stops if your neighborhood has been instructed to take shelter.”

Residents who lived within approximately one mile of where the accident took place were also told that they should shut down their HVAC units and keep their pets indoors.

Truck crashes pose threats in many different ways, but when a truck that is carrying hazardous materials is involved in an accident, the damage can be much more widespread than the immediate site of the collision. When hazardous materials are spilled there is a risk of explosion, of exposure to radioactive or caustic materials, of toxins entering the groundwater system and more.  The owners and operators of trucks that are carrying this dangerous chemicals have a higher level of responsibility than is true of other truck drivers because of the tremendous risk that a truck crash accident carrying hazardous materials pose. Not only do they put other motorists at risk, but also people living in the area through which they are traveling.

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