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St. Clair County Man Sues Tractor Trailer Driver over Rear-end Collision

A resident of Saint Clair County has filed a lawsuit against a truck driver who allegedly rear-ended a horse trailer which was being hauled by his truck.

Billy McEwen says he was driving his Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck which was hauling a horse trailer on United States Interstate Hwy 55 on 13th October, 2011, when Mr. James Owens – the defendant – who was driving a year 1996 model Peterbilt Motors Co truck tractor, struck the rear side of the plaintiff’s horse trailer. Owens was in the same direction of McEwen.

After the rear end of Billy McEwen’s truck and trailer was struck by Owens’ vehicle, the front side of the vehicle driven by the plaintiff was forced into the rear side of a trailer that was being hauled by a year 1999 model Volvo truck operated by Mr. Jason Jaco, a Jackson, Missouri resident, according to the lawsuit.

The collision took place is a building zone and it caused the plaintiff to suffer serious as well as lasting injuries, the lawsuit states. Additionally, the plaintiff suffered immense physical pain, mental anguish, and incurred medical expenses, the suit states. The plaintiff also wants compensation for lost wages and legal costs, according to the suit.

The plaintiff blames Mr. Owens for negligently causing the accident. According to the suit, Owens negligently failed: to decrease the speed of his vehicle and thus avoid the collision; to keep adequate distance between his vehicle and the vehicle driven by McEwen; to control the speed of his vehicle properly; and to properly use the lane. The defendant drove recklessly even though it was a construction zone, the lawsuit alleges. McEwen says the defendant drove his vehicle too fast and should be punished for all his negligent acts.

Owens is not the only defendant in this case. McEwen is also suing the employers of Owens – SCK Transport and JWK Enterprises. Both the companies have been named as defendants in his lawsuit. The suit says JWK failed to adequately investigate the driving record of Owens and did not make sufficient efforts for finding out whether Owens was a safe driver prior to hiring him, the suit states.

In his lawsuit, the plaintiff is asking for a judgement of at least $350000, in addition to costs.

Steven Giacoletto, an attorney with Collinsville, IL-based law firm Giacoletto Law Office, PC, will represent the plaintiff.

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