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Multi-Truck Crash Ends in Death for Two

An unusual and frightening truck crash accident claimed the lives of two people in Pennsylvania and shut down busy Interstate 80 for several hours. According to police, the accident took place just after midnight and started when a single tractor trailer traveling east became disabled after sliding off of the right side of the highway.  As a result of that vehicle partially blocking the road, a second tractor trailer heading in the same direction was forced to come to a stop in the right-hand lane.

While the two massive vehicles were at a complete standstill and blocking the road, a third tractor trailer arrived on the scene and crashed into the second truck, and was then struck by a vehicle  driven by 22-year old Jane Nikovski of Brewster, Massachusetts.

In the aftermath of the accident between the second and third tractor trailer and the passenger vehicle, a fourth truck arrived on the scene and struck a car that was being driven by 33-year old Vasily Vlasyuk of Minnesota. Then a fifth tractor trailer driven by 45-year old Randall Norris of Illinois struck the fourth tractor trailer on its passenger side.

The hellish scene ended in the deaths of two of the tractor trailer drivers – those who were driving the third and fourth truck on the scene. Both were declared dead by the local coroner, while the injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment of minor injuries. With multiple disabled vehicles littering the highway, the roadway was shut down for several hours, awaiting tow trucks and medical responders. A fire that started in one of the trucks and spread to a second also needed to be extinguished by the Undine Fire Company.

Though there was no immediate cause cited for the multiple accidents, the fact that the collision occurred at 12:30 in the morning suggests that the truck drivers may have been fatigued, distracted or both. Though there are many reasons why truck accidents can occur, one of the most common is that truck drivers are often on the road far longer than they are supposed to be, or that they are distracted by the use of GPS units, smart phones, or other devices in their trucks.

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