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Michigan Truck Crash Kills Two, Injures Another

Michigan state police are trying to piece together what could have caused a deadly multi-vehicle accident that occurred in Jackson County earlier this week. The crash killed two occupants of a passenger car and caused critical injuries in the driver of a tractor trailer. The collision then caused a chain reaction accident that ended up involving a total of five different vehicles, including additional commercial trucks. It also caused a massive fire on the highway.

According to witnesses, the accident took place on westbound Interstate 94 near Parma, and began when a passenger vehicle was struck from behind by a semi truck. When the much larger vehicle striking the automobile, it caused a spark and the car burst into flames. As fuel spilled from the truck, the fire spread rapidly, trapping both occupants of the vehicle and killing them there. The driver of the tractor trailer was able to escape from his truck and was taken to the University of Michigan Hospital, where he was reported to be in critical condition. There were others who were involved in the accident who were also reportedly injured, but their injuries are minor.

The accident required the closure of the interstate for several hours for both investigation and clean up. According to First Lt. Kevin Rod of the Michigan State Police, it may be some time before the exact cause of the accident is able to be determined, but he did indicate that it serves as a good reminder that all drivers – and especially those in heavy vehicles – need to pay close attention to what is happening on the road in front of them and to slow down. “It’s tragic any time there’s a loss of life. Drivers have to be alert at all times and aware of what’s going on when they’re operating a motor vehicle.”

Every year tractor  trailers are involved in tens of thousands of accidents that cause injury, and almost 4,000 accidents that result in fatalities. In all cases the likelihood that the occupants of passenger cars will suffer the gravest injuries, simply as a result of the sheer size of the much larger and heavier trucks. In many cases, the accidents are a result of negligence on the part of the driver, the trucking company, or those responsible for the truck’s maintenance. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck crash, you need experienced, aggressive legal help. Contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411 or visit our website, www.truckcrashlawgroup.com.


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