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Louisiana Bar Sues Truck Driver for Driving through Storefront

Gretna, Louisiana – A Gretna bar is suing a truck driver who allegedly crossed seven traffic lanes and run through its building, injuring several bar patrons.

Rum Runners and Rum Runner Café has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Thomas Ness, along with Progressive Security Insurance Co., in the twenty-fourth Judicial Dist. Court. The suit was filed on 7th March.

The plaintiff says it had numerous customers at its facility which is located at 1670 Barataria Boulevard. The accident took place in a night on 8th March, 2013, according the suit. Defendant Mr. Ness allegedly drove his truck through seven traffic lanes, a median, and crashed through the storefront of the bar, the suit states.

The plaintiff states that quite a few patrons suffered injuries because of the accident. In addition, the property of the bar was damaged in the crash. Rum Runner alleges that Mr. Ness was in fact under the influence of alcohol and drugs when the accident occurred.

Thomas Ness is blamed for driving his vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The defendant alleged failed: to maintain proper control of the truck; to maintain a proper and safe lookout; to observe the plaintiff’s building; to see what should’ve been seen; to exercise enough vigilance; and to obey the traffic rules, according to the lawsuit.

Rum Runners is seeking an unspecified sum in damages for loss of revenues, property damage. The bar is also seeking damages under the state law. A Slidell-based law firm will be representing Rum Runner in this case.

Hon. Scott U. Schlegel, the judge of Division ‘D’ of the twenty-fourth Judicial Dist. Court in Gretna (LA), will preside over the case.

Drunken driving (the act of driving or operating any motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol to the extent that motor and mental skills are impaired) is a criminal offense in the United States. This act is illegal in every jurisdiction within the nation, although enforcement widely varies within and between states and territories.

In the U.S., according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), almost 17941 individuals have died in year 2006 in alcohol-linked accidents, representing 40 percent of the total traffic deaths in the nation. The NHTSA says 275000 people have injured in year 2003 in alcohol-linked accidents. Because of the massive size of the vehicle, accidents involving trucks, the rate of fatality is substantially high in accidents involving trucks.

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