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Killed DPS Officer’s Family Sues Truck Driver for Causing Deadly Accident

Yuma, Arizona – The family members of an Arizona state police officer who was killed in an accident during his duty are suing the Yuma (AZ) truck driver responsible for the accident.

Jorge Espinoza, a Yuma resident, was driving an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer rig when it hit the DPS Officer’s vehicle, causing a multiple-vehicle accident close to Dateland, nearly 65 miles E. of Yuma, Arizona. Tim Huffman, the DPS (Department of Public Safety) Officer, was killed on the accident that took place on 6th May.

The lawyer representing Warren Huffman Jr., the twin brother of Huffman; and Warren Huffman Sr., Huffman’s father; have filed a lawsuit against Espinoza & Evans Dedicated Systems. The suit was filed in the Arizona Superior Court.

The suit states that Espinoza breached the federal laws by using a mobile phone while driving a vehicle. According to the suit, Espinoza deliberately covered the dash board camera using a wallet in order to hide his activities. The dash camera video shows that the mobile phone was flying from his hand when the collision took place, the suit states.

According to the police report, Espinoza was then watching and enjoying the photographs of a number of women in stimulating positions, wearing no or a little clothing.

Espinoza has pleaded not guilty to a count of 2nd degree murder, 7 counts of criminal damage and thirteen counts of careless endangerment.

The accident occurred when Huffman was making a report on another accident took place on I-8 in E. Yuma County, police report indicates. The truck driver wasn’t injured in the accident.

Bart Graves, a spokesperson representing the state agency, said Mr. Huffman had been a fourteen-year DPS veteran who was in-charge of the Southern AZ bureau. Huffman worked the complete career in Yuma District, Graves said. According to Graves, Mr. Huffman is the twenty-ninth department officer killed during the duty.

In year 2005, there were nearly 3400 accidents in the state of Arizona which involved large trucks. Reports say 126 of these accidents were fatal and 1627 of them caused severe injuries. Majority of these accidents occurred on Arizona highways and Interstates. Though all traffic accidents are tragic, a crash involving a tractor trailer could be extremely disastrous because trucks often weigh twenty to thirty times the normal passenger vehicle. So, majority of such accidents result in severe injuries or deaths of individuals in passenger vehicles.

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