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Georgia Truck Crashes

Georgia, like much of the southern United States, is a place where great variety can be found: rural towns and metropolitan cities can both be found within a short drive of one another. The roads of Georgia vary from dirt easement to interstate highway, and every road type has the potential to become the scene of a traffic accident. According to statistics from the Governer’s Officer of Highway Safety, there were more than 1,200 traffic fatalities in the state of Georgia in 2011.

Traffic in the Peach State

As a state with several well-populated cities and a long wet season, Georgia is prone to congested roadways. Part of that congestion comes about due to traffic accidents. During autumn, Georgia experiences many rainstorms and can experience snowfall in the winter months, making road conditions less than ideal for driving and more likely to give rise to traffic collisions. Statistics show time and time again that even ideal road conditions are not a safeguard against traffic accidents, and that accidents are far more likely to occur on slippery roadways or when driver visibility is poor due to inclement weather.

Truck driving: a risky business

Truck driving is a job fraught with risks, as the drivers of these large-size vehicles bear a big responsibility. The size of big trucks—even when not laden with cargo—make them especially prone to becoming the cause of great destruction when involved in a traffic collision. Mechanical failure in a big truck can have devastating consequences, for even the best trucker can lose control of his or her vehicle if one of the major mechanical systems controlling the truck gives out.

Assistance is available if you have been in an accident

If you have been involved in a collision with a cargo truck, you may be wondering what your legal options are. Our staff members can connect you with attorneys in your region who are experienced in handling big truck crash cases. Contact our referral service to learn more about your rights following a truck crash.

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