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FedEx Sued over Fatal Truck Crash

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Two suits have recently been filed against shipping giant FedEx Ground Package Systems over claims that the company contributed substantially to the tragic deaths of two Cheyenne residents.

The families of the two individuals who were killed in the head-on collision took place on Interstate-80 (east of Cheyenne) claim that FedEx is legally responsible for the fatal crash. Two more parties have been named as defendant in these lawsuits: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations and CLR Transportation, a company based in Utah.

The first suit was filed by a NY woman who is the wrongful death rep. for James Ednie, of Cheyenne. The plaintiff is Ednie’s sister. The lawsuit was filed in federal court early this month.

The suit states that FedEx, Bridgestone (and its different subsidiaries), and CLR Transportation were negligent in causing or contributing substantially to the death of Ednie.

It was in 2014 November that Ednie died in a head-on I-80 collision took place in Cheyenne. The crash occurred when a westbound tractor trailer owned by FedEx went careening through the median strip into the eastbound traffic, colliding with the Ednie’s minivan.

Another individual died in the accident was Tanya Gooden, the significant other of Ednie. Cameron Gooden, Tanya’s adult son who was riding in a wheelchair in the minivan, was taken to a Denver medical center where he died the next morning due to severe injuries.

The second suit was filed by Alodie Gooden, Tanya’s daughter. The defendants are the same. However, an amended version of the suit, which was filed on last Friday, does not include the name of CLR Trucking as defendant.

Both suits, which were filed in the United States Dist. Court of Wyoming, states that one of the front tires (the tire on the driver’s side) of the FedEx truck failed, causing the vehicle and its trailers to hit Ednie’s minivan close to the mile marker 363.

Two months prior to the fatal accident, a tire on the truck’s passenger side also failed, according to the complaints. The Bridgestone tire was in an extremely dangerous and defective condition, the plaintiffs allege. The plaintiffs allege that FedEx’s decision not to replace the defective tires was willful, wanton and reckless. The suit filed by Ednie says CLR Trucking also is responsible for the deadly accident.

Both the wrongful death plaintiffs seek damages ‘substantially more than $75,000’ and to be decided at trial.

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