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Family of Teen Killed in Truck Crash Files Wrongful Death Suit

Plantation, FL – The family members of a teenage girl who lost her life in an accident on Interstate 75 (I-75) last month is suing a construction company. The victim was 17 years old. The family has filed a wrongful death suit against the company.

According to troopers with the FL Highway Patrol, the BMW of Liza Angulo hit a tractor trailer which was leaving a construction site. A cement barrier then fell on the top of Angulo’s car, the troopers said. Angulo died soon after the crash.

Additionally, a Mitsubishi hit the trailer’s side and drove under that. The roof was ripped open and ultimately the car hit a wall. Jonathan Astaphan was there inside that car. He died at the scene itself. Astaphan was 29 years old. Patricia Rolle, another passenger in the car, sustained severe injuries in the accident. She was 25 years old.

Angulo had recently graduated from AHHS (American Heritage High School). Additionally, she had full scholarship to the Miami University.

Aris Lopez, Angulo’s mother, said her daughter had a scholarship and was full of life. She says she owes that to her for justice. She had been a very good kid with full of dreams, Aris Lopez said. Lopez said her daughter was got to the Miami University as she had the full scholarship.

Liza had done everything right and such a thing was never supposed to happen to a girl like her, Lopez said. The family of the teen said the crash was caused due to the negligence of Ranger Construction.

The attorney representing the family said they were highly concerned with what happened on Interstate 75. More than the suit, in fact the family wants to ensure that the construction firm goes ahead to take care of the issue which’s going on there, he said. Construction was there all around the area where the crash took place, the lawyer said.

According to the attorney, prior to the occurrence of the crash, some lanes were blocked off to allow the vehicles from the construction site to safely enter the highway without hindering the other drivers. However, he says there weren’t any blocked lanes when the crash took place. He says the driver drove the vehicle across the highway lanes and caused the crash.

Accidents involving trucks are often fatal because of the massive size and weight of the vehicle. The family of the victim can sue the responsible truck driver and trucking firm for recovering damages.

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