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Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyer

When you get into your car to go someplace you are generally heading off on a personal errand, or perhaps on your way to or from work. You share the road with myriad other drivers, who are all set on their own task. But many of the drivers of other vehicles with whom you share the road, particularly the large trucks and tractor trailers, are not on the road for their own purposes.

The vehicles that they are driving are owned by large commercial trucking companies that are hired to transport goods on behalf of other companies, or perhaps the trucks are owned by the original company themselves. One way or another, the drivers of these vehicles are not acting as their own agents; they are the agents of the company that owns the truck, and the truck itself is also the responsibility of the company.

When a commercial vehicle or truck gets into an accident, it is as though the company itself has gotten into that accident, and that means that the company is liable for any damage that its truck or truck driver is responsible for.

Commercial Trucks are Held to a Higher Standard

Commercial Trucking Accident LawyerWhen you are driving on the highway and you encounter tractor trailers, it seems as though they are everywhere – this is largely due to their enormous size. They are so big that they are overwhelming and intimidating, particularly when they are travelling at a high rate of speed.

Commercial vehicles are actually in the minority on our roads as compared to passenger and private cars, yet they make up a large percentage of the fatal accidents that take place. This is due in part to their size; when a vehicle that is as large as a tractor trailer comes into contact with a car that weighs less than a tenth of what it weighs, it is not going to turn out well for the car or the people who are riding in it.

Dangers of Commercial Trucks

Beyond the difference in size there is also the matter of the frequency of instances of commercial trucks not being properly maintained or their drivers not being properly trained or being fatigued or distracted while driving.

To combat the amount of damage that can be done by these vehicles and to encourage the owners of these trucks to make certain that their vehicles are being operated in the safest possible manner, there have been special rules and regulations passed regarding their operation.

If a commercial truck is found to be at fault in an accident, the fault can lie with the driver, the owner of the trucking company, the people who maintained the vehicle or whose product was being carried by the vehicle, and the manufacturer of the vehicle parts.

If you’ve been in an accident with a commercial vehicle your attorney must have the experience and know-how to pursue each of these actors; the truck accident lawyers at Danziger & De Llano have this know-how.

Understanding the Causes of an Accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a truck, it is very important that you align yourself with an excellent truck accident lawyer, because experienced truck accident lawyers like the attorneys at Danziger & De Llano have relationships with experts in accident reconstruction.

They will examine the scene of the accident and do background investigations to determine exactly what happened, what kind of driving record the truck driver who was driving the vehicle you were in the accident with has, what the maintenance records for the truck, and what kind of schedule the driver was expected to stick to.

They will also look at other factors such as road conditions, weather and the testimony of any witnesses who may have been present or involved in order to get the most complete picture possible of who was responsible.

It is essential that this information is gathered in a complete and professional way, because the lawyers representing the owner of the commercial trucking company will be gathering their own information to try to show that the accident was not their fault.

Hire Attorneys who Understand Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are very different from accidents that take place between private vehicles. First, the injuries and damages when a commercial truck is involved tend to be much more traumatic, even fatal, and often end up changing people’s lives forever.

Second, because the operation of commercial trucks is regulated by federal law, when a truck accident takes place, the police report will include a report from a certified truck inspector who collects valuable information from the scene.

This information is invaluable, as is a great deal of other information that an attorney who does not have commercial truck accident experience won’t be familiar with.

The experienced truck accident lawyers at Danziger & De Llano know all of the ins and outs of truck accidents and they way they are investigated, as well as all of the specific laws that regulate the industry. Having them on your side insures that you will have qualified, knowledgeable representatives who will get you the compensation that you are entitled to.

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