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Comcast Repair Truck Causes Multiple Accidents in Indiana

An icy road in Indiana was the site of multiple car wrecks caused by a group of indifferent Comcast Xfinity repairmen from the city of Indianapolis. Video of the incident has gone viral as neighbors and motorists pleaded with the group to move their vehicle to prevent further collisions and injury, but were met with refusals and a remarkable lack of concern. In all there were six vehicles that slid off the road or wrecked as a result of trying to avoid the commercial truck, which was parked in a blind spot at the bottom of an icy hill.

The video of the incident has been viewed on YouTube over 700,000 times and has prompted an investigation by the state Occupational Health and Safety Administration. According to the man who shot the video, the truck parked on a two-lane highway at the bottom of a hill, taking up more than half of the pavement in conditions that were extremely slippery. Vehicles trying to avoid the truck ended up skidding off of the road, and when the Comcast worker was confronted about the situation they responded by saying, “I’m just doing my job” and insisting that they had put out a sufficient number of orange cones based on the posted speed limit.  But drivers coming over the ride indicated that they could not see the truck until it was too late, and that the cones that had been set out did not give motorists enough warning.

In response to the video, Comcast’s Ed Marchetti, SVP of Technical Operations issued a statement saying, “When I watched this video, I was very concerned by what I saw. Our employees should always protect people and treat them with respect, no matter what the situation. Safety matters most, especially in dangerous weather conditions like this. We are actively investigating what happened when our technicians were on site to restore services during an outage, and we will reach out to those who were impacted by this incident. Within the next 24-48 hours, my team leaders will meet with our technicians across our company to use this as an example of how important it is to make everyone’s safety a priority in everything we do.”

When we think of commercial truck accidents, we tend to picture collisions with enormous semi-trucks and tractor trailers. But all commercial drivers have a responsibility to exercise caution, and in this instance it is fortunate that nobody was apparently injured. If you have suffered damages as a result of negligent behavior on the part of a commercial truck driver, then you need experienced legal representation. Contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411. www.truckcrashlawgroup.com



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