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Will Speed Limiters Reduce the Number of Truck Crashes?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA) has proposed a new rule that would require that all commercial vehicles with a gross weight of more than 26,000 pounds be outfitted with a device called a speed limiter, and that the devices be set to 68 miles per hour. The effect would be to physically prevent the vehicles from going faster than that mandated speed. The goal would be to reduce the number of truck crashes that take place on America’s highways.

The proposal is supported by a study that was conducted by the Virginia Tech University Transportation Institute in collaboration with the American Transportation Research Institute back in 2012. That research included information gathered  from twenty different truck fleets, and documented the activities of 138,000 trucks and information from 15,000 trucks. It concluded that when truck speeds are reduced, it reduces the number of crashes that occur.

According to U. S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, the new proposal would cut the number of fatal truck crashes by 1,115 per year. It would also provide over $1 billion in fuel savings. “There are significant safety benefits to this proposed rule making. In addition to saving lives, the projected fuel and emissions savings make this proposal a win for safety, energy conservation, and our environment.”

There has been a tremendous amount of pushback against the proposed regulation from those within the industry.  Many have argued that the slow down of trucks alone is not a good idea, and that having a differential in speed between trucks and the cars that are driving around them will lead to more accidents. But Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration dismisses those objections. “This is basic physics,” he says. “Even small increases in speed have large effects on the force of impact.  Setting the speed limit on heavy vehicles makes sense for safety and the environment.”

The new law, if approved, will unfortunately only be implemented in new trucks: the cost to install the on existing vehicles would be prohibitive.   Still, the incremental change in the number of tractor trailers and heavy vehicles driving at speeds over 68 miles per hour is expected to make a dramatic improvement in overall traffic safety, and to reduce the number of truck crash injuries suffered by the drivers of vehicles with whom they share the road.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck crash, contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411www.truckcrashlawgroup.com

Tractor Trailer Crashes Into Florida School Bus

Students from the Pasco County Florida school district narrowly avoided serious injury this week when a tractor trailer drove directly into the center of their bus in an attempt to cross an intersection. Though none of the students were injured, the incident frightened those who viewed the video, and spurred calls for the driver to lose his driver’s license. The bus driver’s assistant who was riding on the bus did require medical treatment after the crash

The incident occurred during the late afternoon on Tuesday,  when the truck driver, David dunlop II of Stetson, Maine, apparently became impatient with the driver of the vehicle that was in front of him at a light at an intersection. Rather than waiting for traffic to clear and for the car to make the left turn, the truck driver went around the vehicle, cutting it off and crossing traffic directly into the center of the Pasco County school bus, which was transporting students.

Drivers who observed the truck driver’s actions were outraged, saying, “He should definitely lose his license, especially his CDL license. He should know better. What is that important to put somebody else’s life at risk that you’re hauling in a truck? I mean, I know it’s your job, but stuff like that – stuff like that could have been deadly.”

A former bus driver who viewed video of the accident said that he frequently witnessed truck drivers risking injuries to other drivers. “Most of these accidents are just either people impatient or not paying attention. Obviously, he was just being impatient.

The commercial truck drivers who operate tractor trailers are required to go through extensive training because of the extreme risk that they pose to other drivers on the road. They are held to a higher standard of driving skill. When these drivers do not conduct themselves responsibly, horrific accidents can occur and lives can be lost. In the case of the Pasco County school bus, it is fortunate that only one person was injured, and that those injuries were minor: other instances of truck driver impatience or recklessness have ended tragically.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck crash, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses, your lost wages, and other expenses you’ve incurred. For more information, contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411www.truckcrashlawgroup.com

Multi-Truck Crash Ends in Death for Two

An unusual and frightening truck crash accident claimed the lives of two people in Pennsylvania and shut down busy Interstate 80 for several hours. According to police, the accident took place just after midnight and started when a single tractor trailer traveling east became disabled after sliding off of the right side of the highway.  As a result of that vehicle partially blocking the road, a second tractor trailer heading in the same direction was forced to come to a stop in the right-hand lane.

While the two massive vehicles were at a complete standstill and blocking the road, a third tractor trailer arrived on the scene and crashed into the second truck, and was then struck by a vehicle  driven by 22-year old Jane Nikovski of Brewster, Massachusetts.

In the aftermath of the accident between the second and third tractor trailer and the passenger vehicle, a fourth truck arrived on the scene and struck a car that was being driven by 33-year old Vasily Vlasyuk of Minnesota. Then a fifth tractor trailer driven by 45-year old Randall Norris of Illinois struck the fourth tractor trailer on its passenger side.

The hellish scene ended in the deaths of two of the tractor trailer drivers – those who were driving the third and fourth truck on the scene. Both were declared dead by the local coroner, while the injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment of minor injuries. With multiple disabled vehicles littering the highway, the roadway was shut down for several hours, awaiting tow trucks and medical responders. A fire that started in one of the trucks and spread to a second also needed to be extinguished by the Undine Fire Company.

Though there was no immediate cause cited for the multiple accidents, the fact that the collision occurred at 12:30 in the morning suggests that the truck drivers may have been fatigued, distracted or both. Though there are many reasons why truck accidents can occur, one of the most common is that truck drivers are often on the road far longer than they are supposed to be, or that they are distracted by the use of GPS units, smart phones, or other devices in their trucks.

If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a truck accident, you need help from an experienced truck crash lawyer. Contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411www.truckcrashlawgroup.com

NHTSA Proposing Driver Mode for Truckers to Prevent Truck Crashes

Driver distraction is one of the top causes of truck crashes in America. Truck drivers have a heightened responsibility to drive with care because of the size and power of the vehicles that they are operating, and when they are texting, reading content on their phones, or punching in an address on a GPS they put other drivers at risk. In an attempt to cut down on this serious issue, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing new guidelines for truck drivers, with one notably asking cell phone manufacturers to create a special mode that would disrupt a phone’s ability to fully operate when a truck is in motion.  They are also proposing technology called pairing that would link an in-truck system to the driver’s phone, preventing the phone from operating except for emergency notifications.

The “driver mode” that the NTSB is recommending would essentially block truck drivers’ phones from being able to do most of the functions that are responsible for distraction and taking their eyes off of the road.  The blocked functions would include manual texting, displaying any kind of video or photos other than maps, displaying text, and all books, periodicals, social media and similar sites or content.

According to NHTSA Administrator Dr. Mark Rosekind, “NHTSA has long encouraged drivers to put down their phones and other devices and just drive. With driver distraction one of the factors behind the rise of traffic fatalities, we are committed to working with the industry to ensure that mobile devices are designed to keep drivers’ eyes where they belong – on the road.” The guidelines would be voluntary, and have been issued with the hopes that they will spur manufacturers to come up with the technology that would provide greater safety and less distraction while the vehicle is operating but still allow the devices to operate and be fully functional when they are not on the road.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a truck crash and you suspect that the truck driver was distracted by a smart phone or some other device, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the damages that you’ve suffered. To speak with an experienced truck crash attorney, contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411www.truckcrashlawgroup.com

Tire Blowout Causes Truck Crash in Pennsylvania: Kills One, Injures Two

It’s a familiar site: you’re driving down a highway and see pieces of shredded tire on the side of the road. Sometimes you’re forced to swerve to avoid the remnants left in the middle of the roadway. They’re an all to common occurrence in big rig trucks, and they can cause accidents, injuries, and sometimes even death. It happened this week in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania when a dump truck traveling southbound on Interstate 81 had its left front tire blow out. The truck driver lost control of his vehicle and ended up crossing the grass median and colliding head-on with a tractor trailer as well as striking a pick-up truck. The driver of the tractor trailer was killed on impact, while the dump truck driver and the pick-up truck driver both needed to be flown to a nearby hospital.

Why do these tire blowouts happen?  Though there are a few different reasons, in most cases they trace back to a simple matter of negligence. The most common tire blowout causes include:

  • Improper tire inflation – Whether a tire is over inflated or under inflated, it is a recipe for disaster. When a tire has too much air in it the internal pressure can cause an explosion. When a tire has too little air in it, it leaves empty space in which heat can build up, causing an air expansion that leads to explosion.
  • Inattentive maintenance – Truck companies have a responsibility to maintain and inspect their vehicles’ tires on a regular basis to ensure that they are safe. When this maintenance is not done and tires are not checked frequently enough, tire treads can wear down and defects are not spotted. This puts both the driver and all those with whom they share the road in jeopardy.
  • Road hazards – Trucks travel many miles on roads that are frequently in poor repair or on which debris has fallen. From potholes to the remnants of previous accidents, if a truck tire strikes a hazard on the road, there is a chance that it will lead to a tire blowout.

When a tire blowout occurs and it leads to an accident causing an injury or death, negligence is often to blame. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck crash, you need the help of an experienced truck crash attorney. Contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411www.truckcrashlawgroup.com

Comcast Repair Truck Causes Multiple Accidents in Indiana

An icy road in Indiana was the site of multiple car wrecks caused by a group of indifferent Comcast Xfinity repairmen from the city of Indianapolis. Video of the incident has gone viral as neighbors and motorists pleaded with the group to move their vehicle to prevent further collisions and injury, but were met with refusals and a remarkable lack of concern. In all there were six vehicles that slid off the road or wrecked as a result of trying to avoid the commercial truck, which was parked in a blind spot at the bottom of an icy hill.

The video of the incident has been viewed on YouTube over 700,000 times and has prompted an investigation by the state Occupational Health and Safety Administration. According to the man who shot the video, the truck parked on a two-lane highway at the bottom of a hill, taking up more than half of the pavement in conditions that were extremely slippery. Vehicles trying to avoid the truck ended up skidding off of the road, and when the Comcast worker was confronted about the situation they responded by saying, “I’m just doing my job” and insisting that they had put out a sufficient number of orange cones based on the posted speed limit.  But drivers coming over the ride indicated that they could not see the truck until it was too late, and that the cones that had been set out did not give motorists enough warning.

In response to the video, Comcast’s Ed Marchetti, SVP of Technical Operations issued a statement saying, “When I watched this video, I was very concerned by what I saw. Our employees should always protect people and treat them with respect, no matter what the situation. Safety matters most, especially in dangerous weather conditions like this. We are actively investigating what happened when our technicians were on site to restore services during an outage, and we will reach out to those who were impacted by this incident. Within the next 24-48 hours, my team leaders will meet with our technicians across our company to use this as an example of how important it is to make everyone’s safety a priority in everything we do.”

When we think of commercial truck accidents, we tend to picture collisions with enormous semi-trucks and tractor trailers. But all commercial drivers have a responsibility to exercise caution, and in this instance it is fortunate that nobody was apparently injured. If you have suffered damages as a result of negligent behavior on the part of a commercial truck driver, then you need experienced legal representation. Contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411. www.truckcrashlawgroup.com



Tennessee Truck Crash Leads to Evacuations

Some residents of Rutherford County, Tennessee had to be evacuated from their homes recently while others were asked to shelter in place as a result of a truck crash accident that occurred on a local road. A commercial semi-truck carrying swimming pool cleaning supplies, including chlorine tablets, crashed into another truck. The crash led to the semi catching fire on the side of the highway and releasing a toxic plume of smoke that – if inhaled – could be a danger to human health.

According to local news media, the accident took place at approximately 3:00 in the morning. The vehicle carrying the pool chemicals overturned on Interstate 24 after the accident, leading to it bursting into flame. Officials attempted to put out the fire using water, and this created a toxic cloud of chlorine gas that had the potential to affect the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Though schools in the area were not closed, the emergency management personnel and Rutherford County sheriff’s office closed all bus routes in the affected areas.  According to the school district, “Bus routes will not run at this time in those areas affected by the sheltering procedures, and as such, students should not be left at bus stops if your neighborhood has been instructed to take shelter.”

Residents who lived within approximately one mile of where the accident took place were also told that they should shut down their HVAC units and keep their pets indoors.

Truck crashes pose threats in many different ways, but when a truck that is carrying hazardous materials is involved in an accident, the damage can be much more widespread than the immediate site of the collision. When hazardous materials are spilled there is a risk of explosion, of exposure to radioactive or caustic materials, of toxins entering the groundwater system and more.  The owners and operators of trucks that are carrying this dangerous chemicals have a higher level of responsibility than is true of other truck drivers because of the tremendous risk that a truck crash accident carrying hazardous materials pose. Not only do they put other motorists at risk, but also people living in the area through which they are traveling.

If you have suffered any kind of injury as a result of a truck crash accident, you may be entitled to compensation if the accident was a result of negligence. To have your situation thoroughly investigated, contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411, or visit our website, www.truckcrashlawgroup.com.

Michigan Truck Crash Involving 40 Vehicles Kills Three

Police had to shut down the westbound lanes of a popular Lansing, Michigan  highway following a multi-car accident that left three dead and numerous injuries. The accident was the third deadly multiple car accident to occur on Michigan’s highway in the last four years.

According to Michigan State Police spokesman Sgt. Jeffrey Munoz, the accident took place at 9:30 in the morning, and has been linked to low visibility caused by winter weather.  Snow that had fallen began to freeze at the same time that visibility dropped to near zero.  A semi-truck began the massive chain accident, jackknifing across most of the lanes of Interstate 96 and sliding into cars ahead.

According to a local reporter who was involved in the collision, the first sign of trouble came with “the most terrifying sounds I’ve ever heard.” That was the truck’s tires skidding behind her. “Fortunately, he was able to stop before plowing into me,” said Kathleen Gray. “It probably took about an hour to get through the accident scene. Traffic was able to pull around the jackknifed semi-truck on the shoulder of the freeway.” Many vehicles involved were run off the highway rather than involved in the collision.

As investigators begin analyzing the causes of the crash, there’s no doubt that similar previous accidents along Michigan’s roadways will be part of the investigation.  One year ago a crash killed a Canadian truck driver and sent 24 more drivers to the hospital, and two years prior to that a 41-vehicle crash occurred in whiteout conditions and left three dead.  Police audits indicated that contributing factors included the weather, but also the need for better lighting, more electronic signs, and more courtesy patrols of the highway.

If you are involved in a truck crash accident, there are a number of things that may have caused the collision. In some cases accidents are strictly weather related, while in others driving inattention, fatigue, or negligence may play a role. Our attorneys have extensive experience at reviewing all of the circumstances of truck crash accidents to help assess whether your right have been violated, and if so whether you are entitled to compensation for the damages that you’ve suffered. Contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411 to learn more, or visit our website, www.truckcrashlawgroup.com, for more information.

Walmart Truck Driver Who Injured Tracy Morgan Pleads Guilty

It’s been more than two years since the tragic truck crash that injured comedian Tracy Morgan and several others and killed Morgan’s good friend James McNair. Now the driver of the Walmart truck driver who caused the accident has pled guilty in New Jersey state Superior Court, bringing the case to a close.

Kevin Roper entered a guilty plea to charges of vehicular homicide and four counts of aggravated assault after driving his Walmart Truck into the limousine van that was carrying Morgan and his colleagues home after a comedy show. An investigation into the accident was conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board,  and it was determined that Roper had been driving his truck without sleep: at the time of the accident he had gone 28 hours without sleeping, and as a result he was unable to properly focus on the road. The report indicated that despite the fact that there were warning signs posted on Interstate 95 indicating that construction work was in progress, he failed to slow down and ended up crashing into the back of the limousine at a rate of 65 miles per hour. Morgan was severely injured, and suffered broken bones and head injuries.

The case drew national attention and focused a spotlight on the issue of truck driver fatigue and the many truck crash accidents that it causes.  Walmart settled a personal injury lawsuit filed by Morgan and a wrongful death lawsuit filed by McNair’s children separately in 2015.  Because the driver has no prior criminal record he will be able to avoid having to serve jail time or having a criminal record by performing community service as well as meeting other court-imposed requirements. His defense attorney said, “He is grateful for the opportunity to accept responsibility and move forward in doing what is required to obtain a dismissal of the charges pending against him.”

There are many reasons why truck crash accidents occur, and driver fatigue and distraction are two of the most common. The sheer size and power of tractor trailer trucks means that drivers and the companies that employ them have a heightened responsibility for careful and attentive operation, and when they fail in that duty they can be held legally responsible for the damage that they cause. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck crash accident, contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411www.truckcrashlawgroup.com



Semi-Tractor Crashes Into Tree Trimming Crew, Killing One and Injuring Others

A horrific truck crash accident that killed one and injured three pedestrians remains under investigation in the state of Ohio. The incident occurred on Thursday, November 17th on State Route 13 in the town of Greenwich. Though little is yet known about the accident, what is clear is that a semi-tractor driven by 62-year old William E. Brindle of Ashland, Ohio failed to stop for a flagger working with a tree trimming crew.

According to witnesses, the tree trimming crew had properly set up on the side of the road near mile post 6.  The crew was using a 2004 International bucket truck and a 2012 Dodge pickup truck. Both were parked in the northbound lanes and the tree company had stationed a flagger holding a stop sign behind the crew of three.  Brindle’s commercial semi-tractor was traveling northbound on that road, and though the flagger was holding a stop sign and was apparently clearly visible, the truck crashed into the vehicles and three pedestrians. When the collision occurred the tractor trailer caught fire. It was destroyed in the conflagration.

The incident caused the death of 34-year old Zachary T. Wagner who was flown from the scene of the accident to Toledo St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he later died. Also injured were 50-year-old Calvin J. Hoover who sustained serious injuries and was flown by Promedica Air to Toledo St. Vincent’s Hospital and 28-year old Ryan A, Nidermeier who was transported to Fisher Titus Medical Center by North Central EMS.  The truck driver was also taken by North Central EMS to Fisher Titus Medical Center, though his injuries were considered non-life threatening.

Police are still investigating the cause of the accident in order to determine whether the driver of the tractor trailer was negligent in the operation of his vehicle. There are many things that can cause truck crash accidents, including driver fatigue, drivers operating their vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drivers driving recklessly or carelessly, or being distracted by phones, GPS devices or other devices.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, you need to know your rights. Contact Danziger & De Llano Truck Crash Law Group today at 1-800-411-7411www.truckcrashlawgroup.com


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