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Atlanta Truck Crash Injures Four People

A three-vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer has sent four people to the hospital in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Police are investigating the cause of the crash, which occurred when a truck driven by Gubal Singh first hit a pick-up truck and then  overturned onto a passenger sedan, which was nearly crushed in the incident.  Singh was charged with reckless driving following the accident, though police are continuing their investigation.

The preliminary police report indicated that the tractor trailer was fully loaded with potatoes and was just seven miles from its destination when it entered the intersection of Boggs Road and Satellite Boulevard near Interstate 85 and struck the pick-up truck. It then overturned onto the sedan, injuring its occupants. Employees working in a car dealership in the area indicated that the sound of the impact was astounding. “We felt it in the dealership. We felt the dealership shake so I know there’s a lot of weight there.” Other witnesses to the accident indicated that it was remarkable that the people in the car were not in hurt more badly then they were. “There were angels that were with those people. Both of them could have been killed.”

The driver indicated that his brakes failed when he took the exit off of the Interstate, and the police were investigating the condition of the truck as well as the way it had been loaded and its maintenance records. They did, however, charge him with reckless driving. As a result of the accident, traffic was closed in the area to allow a fire hazmat unit to clear fuel off of the highway.

There are many reasons why truck accidents can occur. In some cases the truck has not been properly maintained, while in others a driver is not paying attention to the rules of the road or is driving recklessly. Alcohol or drugs may play a role, and so can driver fatigue. Whatever the cause, in most cases involving commercial trucks, it is the passengers in automobiles who suffer the resulting injuries and fatalities. 

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